3:1 Ratio President Pump Spare Parts

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CosmoStar CY-0182 6” 3:1 Displacement Pump 

Quick-Reference for Graco 3:1 Ratio President Pump (Part No. 237141, Series A)              

Check the parts list to identify the correct part number.

Identify the part number required and add the CosmoStar Spare Part Number Prefix CMS.

Use the list below to see if the part you need is in our inventory and contact my email : mini-lee@chingyea.com. I will respond as soon as possible in 24 hours.


 Displacement Pump Repair Parts


Repair Kit Cosmostar Part No. Description Price (US)
CMS-100579 PIN, cotter $1.70
CMS-180986 TUBE, return $61.75
CMS-190116 ROD, connecting $45.00
CMS-189215 TUBE, supply $56.50
CMS-171217 NUT, lock $11.00
CMS-181871 Nut, cap $175.00
CMS-181396 GLAND, female $13.00
CMS-166769 V-PACKING; PTFE $11.00
CMS-171209 GLAND, male $13.00
CMS-236433 UNION, adapter, straight $68.00
CMS-180932 HOUSING, outlet $140.00
CMS-190117 NUT, coupling $13.00
CMS-190118 CAP, rod, upper $82.50
CMS-107306 O-RING $4.90
CMS-24C502 ROD, displacement $189.00
CMS-107305 O-RING $1.70
CMS-162632 SCREW $41.75
CMS-162633 CAP, rod, lower $84.75
CMS-180963 GASKET $6.00
CMS-24C498 CYLINDER $365.00
CMS-160016 SPACER $4.55
CMS-100279 BALL, piston $11.00
CMS-180957 WASHER $22.00
CMS-164920 PACKING, cup; PTFE $24.00
CMS-162641 WASHER $20.00
CMS-180944 SEAT $45.13
CMS-171163 WASHER $8.15
CMS-100454 CAPSCREW $1.70
CMS-101178 BALL $18.30
CMS-180930 HOUSING $67.50
CMS-160006 PIN $7.15
CMS-180963 GASKET $1.80
CMS-103961 BOLT $27.00
CMS-103975 LOCKWASHER $1.70
※ These parts are included in Repair Kit CMS-237-197, which may be purchased separately $125.80


For sales and information on CosmoStar Airless Sprayer mini-lee@chingyea.com


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