Graco 10 Inch King Air Motor Spare Parts

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CosmoStar 10” Air Motor

Quick-Reference for Graco 10” King Air Motor

Check the parts list to identify the correct part number.

Identify the part number required and add the CosmoStar Spare Part Number Prefix CMS.

Use the list below to see if the part you need is in our inventory and contact my email : I will respond as soon as possible in 24 hours.


Cosmostar parts are engineered and manufactured by ourselves to rigid specifications to duplicate the quality, appearance and performance characteristics of the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ parts. With Cosmostar parts you can be assured of quality and trouble-free performance.


Repair Kit CMS-207730 for Graco 10” King and Cosmostar 10” Hulk Air Motor



Part Number Item Name List Price Our Price
CMS-207730 Air Motor Repair Kit – 10″ King Air Motor (Graco P/N 207-730) $122 $80
CMS-214852 Air Motor Trip Rod – 10″ King Air Motor (Graco P/N 214-852) $215 $95


10” Air Motor Repair Parts

Repair Kit Cosmostar Part No. Description Price (US)
CMS-168188 SHIELD,motor $128.3
CMS-101713 SCREW,cap $3.5
CMS-100052 LOCKWASHER,spring $1.0
CMS-161587 RETAINER,spring $13.5
CMS-161589 SPRING,compression $10.0
CMS-161588 GUIDE,spring $9.3
CMS-169583 PLUNGER,detent $18.3
CMS-169585 ROLLER,axle $30.0
CMS-169586 AXLE,detent $6.0
CMS-180952 RING,lift $20.3
CMS-177664 HOSING,detent,motor $165.0
CMS-161577 PAD, rubber $6.5
CMS-161576 WASHER,flat $9.3
CMS-161586 NUT,trip rod $10.3
CMS-161585 HOUSING $72.5
CMS-161590 HUB,valve housing $25.0
CMS-204649 BEARING,sleeve $14.7
CMS-161559 WASHER,backup $4.5
CMS-161560 PACKING,V-block $10.0
CMS-161575 SPRING,compression $5.7
CMS-156698 O-RING,packing $2.5
CMS-168182 VALVE,air director $16.7
CMS-169584 PLATE,valve $65.0
CMS-168184 SEAL,valve plate $5.7
CMS-100101 SCREW,cap $1.0
CMS-100133 LOCKWASER, spring $1.0
CMS-168187 MANIFOLD,air $140.0
CMS-168183 GASKET,air manifold $4.5
CMS-161562 PACKING,V-block $18.0
CMS-161563 WASHER,back up $6.8
CMS-168191 CYLINDER,motor $683.3
CMS-102727 O-RING,rubber $11.0
CMS-218962 PISTON ASSY $170.0
CMS-214852 TRIP ROD $95
CMS-168180 STUD,connecting rod $25.0
CMS-168189 GAKET,cylinder $11.5
CMS-102737 O-RING,rubber $20.0
CMS-235844 BASE,air motor $520.5
CMS-161569 SEAL,felt wiper $13.0
CMS-100424 SCREW, Cap $1.0
CMS-207648 UNION, 90 adapter $65.5
CMS-113161 SCREW,shield $0.5
CMS-101716 SCREW,plate $0.5
CMS-102726 PLUG, pipe $2.0
※ These parts are included in Repair Kit CMS-207730, which may be purchased separately $80/1Set

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