Qnix 4500/4200

Jul 15, 2012 by

QNix® 4500 – a handy, fast and robust coating thickness gauge

NEW! Automatic substrate recognition – Extended measuring range – Increased measuring speed – Back light – Graphic Display with high resolution

QNix® 4500 was developed particularly for measuring tasks in the automobile industries. This compact gauge permits extremely precise measurements of lacquer and anti – corrosion protection coating thicknesses, both on steel and iron as well as on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc and copper.
With the practice-oriented product properties, professionals immediately recognize the handwriting of QNix® gauges:
extremely precise:

high measuring accuracy
simple operation:

no calibration, one button, one-hand operation
innovative technology:

Hall-sensor and Eddy-current technology
broad spectrum of use:

measurements on steel and iron
protective measuring:

polished ruby tip

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