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Nov 25, 2012 by

The Company

Since 1980, Cosmostar has fully supported our distributors to enhance their productivity, because they are a key player in every transaction. We assure delivery of the highest quality products for the same price even with worldwide competitors.



Having endured a 30-years experience, Cosmostar has grown strong. Today, we are proud to say that Cosmostar has been successful in maintaining their customers’ trust.


Cosmostar has best quality-to-price ratio, in other words, for the same price products, we guarantee better quality products than others. Also, we produce all the parts of Cosmostar’s products inside the company, avoiding the disadvantages of multi-assembly line. This will be guaranteed congruous parts enabling smooth running, easier and cost effective maintenance, uniform quality.

Low Prices

Cosmostar has single production line for comprehensiveness, for this reason, our prices are substantially lower than the net prices charged by the Original Equipment M anufacturers. Then you will find that you can save more than 50% off, and add up to greater profits.

Fast Delivery

All spare parts orders are shipped to arrive at your door within two business days. Prompt delivery is also available worldwide.

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