Graco 6 Inch President Air Motor Spare Parts

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CosmoStar 6” Air Motor

Quick-Reference for Graco 6” President Air Motor

Check the parts list to identify the correct part number.

Identify the part number required and add the CosmoStar Spare Part Number Prefix CMS.

Use the list below to see if the part you need is in our inventory and contact my email : I will respond as soon as possible in 24 hours.


Cosmostar parts are engineered and manufactured by ourselves to rigid specifications to duplicate the quality, appearance and performance characteristics of the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ parts. With Cosmostar parts you can be assured of quality and trouble-free performance.

Repair Kit CMS-207385 for Graco 6” President and Cosmostar 6” Compact Air Motor


Part Number Item Name List Price Our Price
CMS-207385 Air Motor Repair Kit – 6″ President  Air Motor (Graco P/N 207-385) $86 $66
CMS-158359 ACTUATOR,valve – 6″ President Air Motor (Graco P/N 158-359) $107 $50
CMS-158360 YOKE,rod,tip – 6″ President Air Motor (Graco P/N 158-360) $58 $25
CMS-207150 Air Motor Trip Rod – 6″ President Air Motor (Graco P/N 207-150) $75 $35


6” Air Motor Repair Parts

Repair Kit Cosmostar Part No. Description Price (US)
CMS-161435 NUT,cylinder cap $14.50
CMS-156698 Oring $2.50
CMS-162629 CYLINDER,air motor $366.67
CMS-160618 LOCKWIRE,transfer valve $1.00
CMS-160261 NUT,adjusting $2.00
CMS-158364 ROCKER,toggle $9.00
CMS-167585 SPRING,compression $3.67
CMS-160623 ARM,toggle $12.67
CMS-158359 ACTUATOR,valve $50.00
CMS-158360 YOKE,rod,tip $25.00
CMS-158362 PIN,toggle $5.67
CMS-170709 POPPET,valve $6.00
CMS-158367 GROMMET,rubber $3.00
CMS-158378 SEAL,o-ring,rubber $10.00
CMS-207150 TRIP ROD $35.00
CMS-102975 SREW $0.67
CMS-158361 CLIP,spring $3.80
CMS-170708 POPPET $10.00
CMS-160896 STEM,valve
CMS-164925 ROD,piston $110
CMS-101526 BEARING $15.00
CMS-158377 SEAL,flat o-ring $6.00
CMS-158379 SEAL,o-ring $8.00
CMS-101578 SCREW $1.80
CMS-171227 BASE,air motor $366.67
CMS-177844 PLATE,ID $3.70
CMS-177843 PLATE, warning $3.30
CMS-104582 WASHER $1.90
CMS-104029 Lug, grounding $5.50
CMS-100078 SCREW $1.40
※These parts are included in Repair Kit CMS-207385, which may be purchased separately $66/1Set

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